About Coffee Board of India

The Coffee Board of India is an autonomous body, functioning under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The Board serves as a friend, philosopher and guide of the coffee industry in India. Set up under an Act of the Parliament of India in the year 1942, the Board focuses on research, development, extension, quality upgradation, market information, and the domestic and external promotion of Coffees of India.

Till 1995, the Coffee Board had a pool (controlled) marketing system of coffee in India. However, the winds of liberalization swept the Indian coffee industry and since 1995, marketing of coffee is strictly a private sector activity. In fact the Coffee Board went through a massive downsizing and two-thirds of its employees were retired under a voluntary retirement scheme.

The Coffee Board conducts basic and applied research on coffee and can boast of 75 glorious years in coffee research. The Central Coffee Research Institute in the Chikmagalur District, Karnataka State has been in the forefront of coffee research over the years and continues to remain one of the premier institutes of the world as far as coffee research is concerned.

The Research Department publishes various journals and periodicals. It also offers various services to growers and exporters.

The Board also has a vast extension network spread over the three main producing states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, as well as in the non-traditional areas of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and the seven North-Eastern states. The extension set up provides the day- to- day link with the grower community and this wing facilitates the transfer of technology from lab to land.

The Board also encourages the consumption of coffee in India and abroad. Towards this end, the Board participates in Coffee-centric/ Food and Beverages exhibitions in India and abroad. The Board also runs 12 India Coffee Houses/Depots in the country. The India Coffee brand of coffee powder is well known in India for its quality and aroma.

The Board has for long years worked on the quality of Coffees of India. The Board runs two quality control laboratories in Bangalore and Chikmagalur and one quality testing centre in Chettalli, which control and advise the industry on quality issues. The labs are equipped with the best roasting and brewing machines. The best cup- tasters and quality evaluators keep a strict vigil on the pre and post harvest processes with a view to ensure that the quality of Indian coffee is maintained.

Market Intelligence & Statistical Unit :

The Board has a Market Intelligence & Statistical Unit functioning from its head office at Bangalore. The unit undertakes various activities related to market information & intelligence, market research studies, crop forecasting and coffee economics aspects. The unit also undertakes studies on research related to the coffee trade including WTO issues. Notable publications include the daily market intelligence report and a comprehensive database on coffee (bi-monthly). The periodical reports that are already completed include Coffee Consumption in India 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2008 and Attitude towards coffee drinking 2007. The unit coordinated studies on (i) logistics and competitiveness of coffee producing countries (India, Vietnam & Brazil) (ii) MAI Scheme on promotion of Indian coffee exports to Russia and CIS countries and a manual on coffee retailing. The unit also coordinates the implementation of Price Stabilization Fund Scheme of Govt. of India and Rainfall Insurance Scheme for Coffee growers. Check coffeedx.com for more information about coffee and coffee machines.

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