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The Coffee Board of India is an autonomous body, functioning under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The Board serves as a friend, philosopher and guide of the coffee industry in India. Set up under an Act of the Parliament of India in the year 1942, the Board focuses on research, development, extension, quality upgradation, market information, and the domestic and external promotion of Coffees of India.

Till 1995, the Coffee Board had a pool (controlled) marketing system of coffee in India. However, the winds of liberalization swept the Indian coffee industry and since 1995, marketing of coffee is strictly a private sector activity. In fact the Coffee Board went through a massive downsizing and two-thirds of its employees were retired under a voluntary retirement scheme.

The Coffee Board conducts basic and applied research on coffee and can boast of 75 glorious years in coffee research. The Central Coffee Research Institute in the Chikmagalur District, Karnataka State has been in the forefront of coffee research over the years and continues to remain one of the premier institutes of the world as far as coffee research is concerned.

The Research Department publishes various journals and periodicals. It also offers various services to growers and exporters.

The Board also has a vast extension network spread over the three main producing states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, as well as in the non-traditional areas of Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and the seven North-Eastern states. The extension set up provides the day- to- day link with the grower community and this wing facilitates the transfer of technology from lab to land.

The Board also encourages the consumption of coffee in India and abroad. Towards this end, the Board participates in Coffee-centric/ Food and Beverages exhibitions in India and abroad. The Board also runs 12 India Coffee Houses/Depots in the country. The India Coffee brand of coffee powder is well known in India for its quality and aroma.

The Board has for long years worked on the quality of Coffees of India. The Board runs two quality control laboratories in Bangalore and Chikmagalur and one quality testing centre in Chettalli, which control and advise the industry on quality issues. The labs are equipped with the best roasting and brewing machines. The best cup- tasters and quality evaluators keep a strict vigil on the pre and post harvest processes with a view to ensure that the quality of Indian coffee is maintained.

Market Intelligence & Statistical Unit :

The Board has a Market Intelligence & Statistical Unit functioning from its head office at Bangalore. The unit undertakes various activities related to market information & intelligence, market research studies, crop forecasting and coffee economics aspects. The unit also undertakes studies on research related to the coffee trade including WTO issues. Notable publications include the daily market intelligence report and a comprehensive database on coffee (bi-monthly). The periodical reports that are already completed include Coffee Consumption in India 2001, 2003, 2005 and 2008 and Attitude towards coffee drinking 2007. The unit coordinated studies on (i) logistics and competitiveness of coffee producing countries (India, Vietnam & Brazil) (ii) MAI Scheme on promotion of Indian coffee exports to Russia and CIS countries and a manual on coffee retailing. The unit also coordinates the implementation of Price Stabilization Fund Scheme of Govt. of India and Rainfall Insurance Scheme for Coffee growers. Check for more information about coffee and coffee machines.…

As consumers, we want to have the best that our money can buy always, ever mind if said money is on the low end of the monetary scale. It applies to the best makers of coffee in city for which we wait to not to deliver just good but excellent value for our money. After all, if we must solve for good, then we don’t live as best that us of can.

Criteria for Choosing

First, we must accentuate that every individual will have his own opinion about the best coffee pot since everybody will also have its own idea of the best coffee. You can choose a French press for its rich and robust coffee but your friend can prefer a maker of the coffee of automatic only cup for the available flavor variety. Indeed, each to its own coffee and maker.

Still coffee, you will make well to remember some things about coffee pots that make for the best coffees in your life. These criterias can be adopted indifferently if you go for a percolator or an express machine although some criterias don’t apply to every type of maker. You can check here for best espresso machines from

First coffee, the best coffee pots foresee to prepare temperatures of 195 to 205 Fahrenheit degrees for five to six minutes to accomplish the perfect brewing. There are some machines that can offer the such advantage, with Technivorm that leads the packet, but you can also reproduce these conditions with experience.

Second, we recommend to look for the option of the automatic stop. It will make your easier life and your coffee tastes better instead of being burned nearly to a crusty liquid. Most models provide a programmable clock to control many as so the process of the brewing so that you can put overnight before on the coffee grounds her and wake up you of the hot coffee in the morning.

Other characterizes to examine in the best makers of coffee is small settings of the batch, a thermal decanter, one pause and serves function and a feature that take into account the personal decisions according to coffee. You will also want that the easy cleaning and reusable filters are added to the list of benefits.

Choices in the Best

Since has a lot of categories of coffee pots, we cannot compare a type with another class of machines. For example, a French press is therefore very different from a maker of the coffee of the thermal decanter the comparisons are on less ground.

The strong that the following coffee pots have been estimated best as the best in their categories by standard consumers:

The is the 12 cup Brewing Cuisinart DCC-1200 Central because of its smooth style, clock programmable, small batch that puts and makes one pause and serves function everything of that is controls of the best coffeemakers. For the maker of the simple coffee, we suggest JWX27 in the M. Coffee. For the best thermal decanter the Zojirushi is Cool Brewing with its decanter of steel without stain to keep hot coffee while the other milked as the pause and serves the function is wanted also by the consumers. The coffee pot of better connoisseur is the Technivorm Moccamaster KBT741 and for the good reasons, also. Your coffee will taste superbly, it is definitely.…

Verizon Wireless has learned that some customers may have signed up and been charged for certain third party premium text messaging services based on advertising that did not meet Verizon Wireless’ standards for the disclosure of pricing and subscription information. These charges were for content associated with several companies known variously as Game Theory, Neo Group, Bloosky, Ontario Corp., True Digit, MDK Media, ClickGen, and Hannum (although this name may not have appeared on the content or on your bill).

Verizon Wireless is offering a refund of all charges associated with these programs to customers who submit a claim form attesting that they were charged for these services without their authorization or without their having been told what they would be charged for them.

A full list of the names of the programs that are eligible for this refund as they would appear on your bill, and the five or six digit number known as a “short code” from which the text messages containing this content would have been received on your phone, can be found at this link.

You can determine if you were charged for content from these programs by referencing the provided list of short codes and compare them to any codes that may have appeared on the Data Charges section of your Verizon Wireless bill. Customers who are signed up for Verizon Wireless’ online “My Verizon” service can obtain copies of their detailed bills going back one year at

Please do not use the claim form to submit claims for charges associated with third party charges that are not on the website or for any other Verizon Wireless services.

If your claim is approved, and you are a current Verizon Wireless customer, all refunds will be applied to your Verizon statement within 60 days of approval with the notation “PSMS refund.” If you are no longer a Verizon Wireless customer, you will receive a check for your refund.

If your claim has been rejected in whole or in part, you will be notified by mail.…

Remember how back in late 2013, three major carriers — AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile entered into an agreement with 45 states to stop billing customers for premium short code SMS messaging? Just recently, AT&T reached a $105 million settlement with federal and state law enforcement, based on charges assessed to customers through premium SMS billing.

As part of the $105 million, AT&T will pay $80 million to the Federal Trade Commission to provide refunds to consumers that were unlawfully billed for unauthorized premium SMS messaging charges. In addition, AT&T must also pay $20 million in penalties and fees paid to 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as a $5 million penalty to the Federal Communications Commission.

Just how big of a problem did premium SMS messaging become in the United States before the carriers agreed to ban it? It’s estimated that every year, premium SMS billing costs consumers nearly $2 billion in additional charges on their wireless bills. Considering that there’s 326.4M wireless subscribers in the United States, that means that on average, each wireless subscriber was paying an additional $6/year in just premium SMS fees.

It’s crazy to note that when the FTC investigated AT&T, it found that some third-party premium SMS providers complaints reached as high as 40% of subscriptions charged to AT&T consumers in a given month. In 2011 alone, the FTC found that AT&T received more than 1.3 million calls from their customers regarding premium SMS charges.

AT&T customers that were charged for premium SMS messaging can visit to submit a refund claim and find out more about the FTC’s refund program under the settlement. If consumers are unsure about whether they are eligible for a refund, they can visit the claims website or contact the settlement administrator at 1-877-819-9692 for more information.

Under the terms of its settlement with the FTC, AT&T will notify all of its current customers who were billed for premium messaging by text message, e-mail, paper bill insert and notification on an online bill.



In connection with a settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the Federal Communications Commission, and State Attorneys General, Verizon Wireless has agreed to a refund program (“Refund Program”) for current and former Verizon Wireless account holders for unauthorized and previously un refunded commercial Premium Short Messaging Service (“Premium SMS”) charges originating from third-parties that may have been placed on Verizon’s Wireless telephone bills. Premium SMS charges are charges for content delivered by third party content providers through text message – such as sports or entertainment – that were placed on a wireless telephone consumer’s bill. Verizon Wireless discontinued its commercial Premium SMS program as of January 31, 2014.

Under the Refund Program, eligible consumers may receive a refund from Verizon Wireless for certain unauthorized and previously un refunded third-party Premium SMS charges.

If you are a current or former Verizon Wireless account holder and believe unauthorized Premium SMS charges from third-parties may have been placed on your Verizon Wireless telephone bill(s) since July 1, 2010 and you wish to receive a refund, you must complete and submit a claim form either (i) electronically though this website on or before December 31, 2015, or (ii) by U.S. Mail postmarked no later than December 31, 2015. Instructions and requirements for submitting a claim are provided on this website.

You may be entitled to a refund for unauthorized and previously unrefunded Premium SMS charges incurred since July 1, 2010. The final amount of the refund will be determined after the close of the claim period on December 31, 2015. Verizon Wireless will issue refunds for verified claims within 90 days after the close of the claim period by check, credit, or account offset. Former account holders may not receive a refund if the total refund due is $3.00 or less.

To claim benefits you must submit a claim form by December 31, 2015. You may complete or download a claim form here. If you wish to view a billing summary of your Premium SMS charges to help you complete the claim form, you may request it here. Premium SMS billing summaries and information about the refund process are only available on this website or by calling the Refund Administrator at 1 (888) 726-7063. This information is NOT available from Verizon Wireless customer care.…